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Kids Yoga

Children are born curious and present. Yoga is a great way for kids to tap into what is already there. The benefits of kids yoga are endless. Scientific studies have shown that yoga can help in so many ways. Practicing yoga in a fun and supportive environment can have far reaching effects that can help on and off the yoga mat.


Whether outside, or indoors, yoga has the power to connect kids to themselves, others and their environments.

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Why Kids Yoga?

Increased proprioception and Kinesthetic awareness

Positive Vestibular system development

Intrapersonal emotional awareness and increased self-acceptance

Decreased anxiety, nervousness, and reactivity

Increased ability to self-regulate

Increased focus and problem solving skills

Increased self-confidence 

Feelings of connection and belonging

Better strength and flexibility

See the resource page for links to scientific studies and other helpful resources. 

Yoga Programs

  • Connect with nature through movement!

  • Private lessons for individuals or small groups

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